the ability to target and direct extremely loud flatulence for use as a weapon
Bobby used his ass cannon again to knock that bird out of the tree
by kirby76 February 18, 2010
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Another word for something being among all. Greatness beyond recognition. If something appeals to you, then its Cannon Ass.
OMG, that song was Cannon Ass!!
by Scott McDermott May 29, 2005
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When your shitting. And you fart, causing a nugget of shit to be propelled into the toliet at great speed. Often causing a perfect Poseidon's kiss.
Hey Jim. I was taking a shit and I turned into an ass cannon. The whole street heard it.
by TheAssCannon November 18, 2018
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Was a dangerous weapon used in Desert Storm. Banned for the severity of inhumane killing methods.
Ever used an ass cannon before? Whoever uses them usually are asshole.
by Suck Dick Sam May 21, 2015
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