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The label given to one who has Asperger's syndrome - often intended in a derogatory manner. It may also apply to one who exhibits the behaviour of one with Asperger's syndrome, the symptoms of which include unwillingness to leave one's own house and socialise, and the inability to understand social contact.
Person 1: "Hey, do you want to come out tonight?"
Asperge 1: "No sorry, I'm an asperge. I'd rather go shoe shopping and play mass effect."

Person 2: "Asperge 2, why have you got your back to the wall?"
Asperge 2: "In case someone bottles me from behind."

Asperge 3: "Hurry up now guys, i want you to leave my house."
Person 3: "Why?"
Asperge 3: "I want you to leave so I don't have to be around you and socialise."

Asperge 4: "Look at that little boy, i'd love to put my cock in his mouth."
by v.ignis March 18, 2010
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