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A girl with pride and sophistication. She is strong and powerful. She’s beautiful and smart. Her beauty and brains will take her places that she deserves. She wills to do anything and does it. She worked hard to become who is is now and won’t back down without a fight.
Boy: yo you seen the new girl, heard she’s a candidate for president

Boy#2: yea I heard she is an asma
by The achiever and the dreamer February 12, 2018
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A girl who has a positive Mingus no matter what and makes you laugh no matter what
Your an asma
by Bo$$ June 05, 2016
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Asma literally when translated into the Arabic language Asma means "beautiful". She is one of the best friends you could ever ask for! She is trustworthy and loyal. She is very funny. She has the best jokes and will do anything to make you smile. She has an amazing hoyo that is really cool. She has nice feet too. If you don't have an Asma in your life you're missing out. She has a cool elbow but is very insecure about it. She is always there for you. She is perfect inside and out and her elbow. Asma is very longing for chocolate milk and will go under and above her way to get it. Someone ate her toe but she is still pretty.
hey man whos that pretty girl man
its asma man isn't she SO cool!\
she is my 7ab3bti
by asma's habibti June 17, 2019
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A fragrant beauty who is not only sexy and sweet but also very sauve, sleek and "to die for"..!
wow..ur such an Asma..!
by Amz ! April 24, 2005
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and she's like..SOOO FUNNY
"Oh, my god, you pulled an Asma!" (The person made a hilarious comment)
by Larzaa May 09, 2005
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One of the best friends a person can have, Totally gorgeous and has guys all over her.

Watch out though, Asma has a lot of imaginary animal/inanimate object babies!
"Asma's out with her Banana-Horse, so she can't come to the movies"
"WOW. You're such an Asma. You're so gorgeous!"
by Dingo-conut.xoxo June 25, 2009
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An Asma is a queen crowned in her own beautiful curls. Beneath the pile of those pure divine curls, you’ll find a simple, sweet and loving woman who isn’t afraid to speak up. This proves that she can be a fierce woman too if needed. On top of all this awesomeness she has a great personality, humor and creativity!

(She can’t cook and clean tho 🤪)
#1: ‘Wow look at that girl with the beautiful hair’

#2: ‘I know right? She probably an Asma 🤷🏼 ♂️‘

‘She’s so fantASMAtic!!’

‘I need myself an Asma to cheer me up, you know somebody bro?’
by OneForAll July 17, 2020
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