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A girl with pride and sophistication. She is strong and powerful. She’s beautiful and smart. Her beauty and brains will take her places that she deserves. She wills to do anything and does it. She worked hard to become who is is now and won’t back down without a fight.
Boy: yo you seen the new girl, heard she’s a candidate for president

Boy#2: yea I heard she is an asma
by The achiever and the dreamer February 16, 2018
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A girl who has a positive Mingus no matter what and makes you laugh no matter what
Your an asma
by Bo$$ June 05, 2016
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A fragrant beauty who is not only sexy and sweet but also very sauve, sleek and "to die for"..!
wow..ur such an Asma..!
by Amz ! April 24, 2005
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and she's like..SOOO FUNNY
"Oh, my god, you pulled an Asma!" (The person made a hilarious comment)
by Larzaa May 09, 2005
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One of the best friends a person can have, Totally gorgeous and has guys all over her.

Watch out though, Asma has a lot of imaginary animal/inanimate object babies!
"Asma's out with her Banana-Horse, so she can't come to the movies"
"WOW. You're such an Asma. You're so gorgeous!"
by Dingo-conut.xoxo June 25, 2009
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A asma is a girl with thick thighs and a fat ass, Asma’s are usually short cute and pretty. There facial reactions don’t say much and look bored and mad but know the rights things to make you cry and break you down, you should be scared and aware of Asmas. There faces usally look high and relaxed most of the time. If you have a Asma as a friend ur lucky she will ride out for you and help u get mans, they all go after that thick thigh and big butt
#you need a Asma as a friend # she wows them guys with her thick thighs and fat ass
by Real defenition January 26, 2019
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Asma is one sweet sweet sweet chick, low key savage and high key idiotic. Bitch out here crying under pressure everyday. Low blood pressure for days and days and days, because of her overdose with chocolate milk. Great essay writer btw. Snatched waist, and has a tendency to break hearts ;)
Fatima: Dw i know just the person *calls ASMA to the rescue*
by shereena April 16, 2019
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