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Asli is one of the best people you can have in your life she is usually very pretty and gives you a lending hand when you need it you can always count on her and tell her all your secrets people like talking about her usually cause of a past she has but people who talk about her usually haven't gotten around to know her she's very kind and caring she'll be there when you need it having an asli in your life is rare like her name having her as a girlfriend is one of the most grateful opportunites and having her as a friend you know she'll always be there for you never waste a good girl like her when she is in a relationship she's committed even if people speak down on her she knows what's true she is a beautiful girl and loves life she is a very happy person if you have a chance as her boyfriend consider yourself very lucky guy.
She looks Iike a goddess must be an asli
by staceylondon67 April 23, 2018
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In several Central Asian and South Asian languages, it means genuine, pure, real, original, the real deal. It is also a name for women in Turkic-language countries.
I still can't believe Princess Leia wore an asli gold bikini in Episode VI! That was f***in hot...
by Motowner August 28, 2007
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An Indonesian Malay word that means ~ native, local.
dasar bule jelek 'tu asli amrik ~ That damn albino's from America.
by Dasar Bule November 23, 2003
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Original. Real . One of a kind. Follow me on Instagram @asli__abdi
Wow. That girls name must be Asli. Because ain't she original.
by 438438438 August 22, 2016
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Asli Is a very bright girl who is also very hillarious she might get a little crazy but it happens rarely and shes shy around boys and asks her friends usually, she is often quiet beautiful. Asli is a must meet.
She seems like an Asli
by Thesourceres May 20, 2018
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