A gorgeous girl that can make anyone's day just by smiling at them. An Asja is someone that you could talk to about anything, she will always be there for anyone no matter what even is she's not very close with them. This girl has a flawless face and body and is the type of person to be very confident in herself but is very humble. booty white beautiful popular girlfriend An Asja is also a very loyal girlfriend and that would stick by your side no matter what, if you find an Asja keep her close And do not take her for granted.
Hey look, there's an Asja! Get her phone number!
by AllisonStraw December 07, 2016
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i am such an asja becaue i am soo weird!
by secret admirer October 13, 2004
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Asja is an angel,

She graces this world with her elegant beauty
She brightens my world

Makes my day

I love her to death and back

She is gorgeous and caring
Funny and sweet
Weird and loveable

She is PERFECT 🖤🖤
Friend: Oh look, its Asja
Me: I love her! Shes an angel brought to earth! A literal GODDESS
by Rhaewaffles September 20, 2019
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