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Asian man is a picture of a naked Chinese man with a long schlong...
His pics are sent out by the legendary jj olatunji
Asian man is a pornstar
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by Naked Chinese man June 22, 2020

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When you cum into a bowl, then use a used heroine jab to collect the cum.
Buy some caramel chocolate and use a separate needle to dispose of the caramel.
Inject the cum into the chocolate and give it to your valentine!
I gave gracie some special valentine chocolates
by Naked Chinese man February 14, 2021

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Reuben’s knob is made of only the finest and rarest materials... that’s why it is so tiny!!! It perches ontop of his cow sized bollocks like an eagle.

He flashed his knob inside a group chat with his friends asian man and jordan

They screenshotted it and since then it had become legend between all simps
Reuben’s knob? I’ve heard of it but never seen it!!!
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by Naked Chinese man June 24, 2020

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