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Ashkan is the name of the old king in Iran.
He is a very classic Persian boy with modern values.
He's an amazing artist, both on the guitar and behind the camera.
When you meet an Ashkan you may think he be shy at first but it's worth getting to know him because he's an amazing friend with a big heart.
Beware though, he has a temper, so don't tick him off.
All in all, he's worth befriending and will likely keep you entertained with spongebob memes and Persian jokes.
"That guy's so good on the guitar!"

"Yup. That's Ashkan for ya"
by @soundbyak June 23, 2018
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The name (ashkan) is the third dynasty of persian kings.
It is a powerfull name and figure. Normally people who are called ashkan are intellectually gifted and a gift to mankind.
by ASHKAN December 12, 2006
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Ashkan is a Persian name for boys. It has a magical power. If you name a newborn after it, he becomes the most attractive and brilliant living thing ever. Try not to name evil creatures after it.
Sara: Why you are so damn talented?
Ashkan: Have you forgotten my name? I am a legend!
by Ashkan Sin August 20, 2018
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ashkan shows off all the time...
He sucks his own dick...
likes to think he better than everyone else.....
BUT....ashkan is kick ass on the guitar !!!
by anon October 07, 2003
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