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A Go hard female, who is so tough, no one wants to fuck with her!!! She can beat anyone up and usually knows all wrestling tactics in a fight. She is fun to be around and very loud and a risk taker! You will be lucky to have a friend like her!
Jina-Fuck Ashia
Ashia-Bitch i will beat the brakes off you so back the hell up
Jina-woe, woe i was just kidding
Ashia- to late you lil whore, its ben brought
(30 seconds later Jina knocked out on the ground)
by tdrj July 27, 2010
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All purpose Cameroonian pidgin English word meaning 'I am sorry for you' or 'sympathies'. Can be used in virtually any situation. If you are particularly sorry you can say 'plenty ashia'.
Bob - Why are you looking so sad?
Clifford - My Mum died yesterday.
Bob - Ashia.

Clifford (on seeing someone with particularly bad dress sense) - Ashia
by lizblob January 28, 2005
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