Ashelyn is one of the most caring, sincere, sweet, funny and sometimes clumsy person you will ever meet. She is always looking on the bright side of things and can cheer you up whenever you are feeling blue. She has tons of friends because of her plesant personality. She is very social and can talk to you about anything, but it never gets boring with her. You can trust her with anything. She knows how to joke around and take a joke, but will never take it too far where it might be offensive. She is a bright star in the life of everyone that knows her. If you dont know an Ashelyn, find one and get to know her.
"She is so sweet, she must be an Ashelyn."
"Gosh that girl is so Ashelyn!"
by PO_Baas November 11, 2012
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Ashelyn meaning Vision,popularity,happiness, and hope
Person 1: did you see Ashelyn
Person 2: she looked so happy
by .:Zero:. July 5, 2011
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Arianna says Ashelyn is a cold heartless bitch who only thinks about herself.
"she's a cold heartless bitch, must be Ashelyn."
by Lil_Meezy January 7, 2016
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Ashelyne is a girl who is funny and always want to break the silence and have fun. She can be stubborn, but she will smile through any thing
by Bighatsbingo November 11, 2013
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