A crazy good-looking guy whos awesome af. This dude is not only super cool but really smart as well.

He has a super athletic body and can get any girl he wants. You better watch out cus he'll take yours too.
Oh, that dude is so cool and awesome, must be Ashane.
Hey, what's that handsome guy's name, oh right its Ashane.
by minecraftepicgamer123 August 13, 2019
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Ashane is the best person on earth and will use a car to crash into your house to steal your g..... graphics card, not yor gorl. He is sexy and has friends, not like you. His friends will beat you up into pieces which include Omario and joe... Joe MAMA. He is now your god.
I am Ashane, the one and only computer genius. Too sexy and is rich.
by Crahsdahs92 January 13, 2022
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A crazy good looking guy whos awesome af.
Girl: Your so cool, you must be an Ashan
by Odell32 November 7, 2016
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The gayest of all gays. It's when you really suck at a PS4 or Xbox game.
Hey bro why are you being such an ashan at this game, you sweaty mofo
by Nastyboii March 12, 2019
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tidepod aka defaultious del default aka skinny nigga who is not in the clan fam.
yoooo this nigga lookin like ashan headass.
by toessssssss April 9, 2019
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