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Asaiah is such an amazing guy, he's a good and loyal friend to anyone. He is very talented and can do many things but also has a good sense of humor. He can make anyone laugh but sometimes he can get annoyed when people cross the line, Asaiah is very handsome to where the girls love him because he has a great personality! One of the nicest people you'll ever meet in you're life because this guy is very understanding and anybody can get along with him but not only that, he can be very humble and respectful.
Drake: You know that Asaiah guy? He's such a good friend
Eric: I know right! that guy make me laugh a lot.

Sarah: Asaiah is so handsome, who ever is going to date him will be a very lucky girl
Jennifer: I cant get over him haha he's been on my mind all day.
by Hero zero 75 September 04, 2016
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A total fucking retard. They obsess over the dumbest things and ruin perfectly good jokes. Usually, a pain in the ass to be around and overall annoying.
That dumbass over there is a total Asaiah.
by Hicco912 October 30, 2017
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