When one's thumbs shake, quiver, and hurt at rest due to over-texting. Usually a result of unlimited texting plans. It becomes easier to text than to actually speak to someone. Inflammation grows within the joints of the thumb and may cause swelling. May occur when dating someone extremely younger than oneself, or possibly a cougar/manther on the prowl in silent mode. Even a simple thumb's up can cause severe pain.
Manther: Ever since I've been dating this freshman babe, my thumbs hurt. Is it cause I've been jerkin off too much?

Manther Friend: When's the last time you actually talked to her?

Manther: Dude, now that you mention it, like a month ago...she only texts me all day long.

Manther Friend: You have double text thumb arthritis yo!
by frankrizzoDE September 24, 2009
Similar to your standard mordecai brown, the arthritis mordecai is when the three fingers are not joined together and instead are unevenly separated and disproportionately bent at each knuckle, thus causing maximum pleasure upon insertion in a vagina or anus.
I had experienced the mordecai brown, but u haven’t lived until u experience the arthritis mordecai !!! The uneven insertion is truly satisfying.
by M. Scarpati January 2, 2022
Painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints
Oh man my legs are in pain i think ih have an arthritis
by Vriejulie March 2, 2020