3 definitions by Sgo hills

When you get with a girl and then after she says she just wants to be friends
John: Aw man did you hear about Dro he got reverse friendzoned by that girl!
Mary: Aw no way getting reverse friendzoned is the worst!
by Sgo hills November 19, 2014
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When you go down on a woman making her squirt and as she starts to squirt you yell VROOM and motorboat her pussy lips.
Jimmy: Yo did you hear about Dom?! He was riding the secret jetski last night!
Nick: No way, gotta stay out of the splash zone!
by Sgo hills July 21, 2021
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When shes giving you that sweet sweet gawk gawk and your glizzy shoots an absolute stream of buttermilk into her eye, piercing and blinding as an arrowhead.
Bobby: Yo Nate did you hear about Ben? He was hammered and shot a buttermilk arrowhead into his girls eye, now she’s gotta wear a patch for weeks.

Nate: Fuck bro that sucks, what an absolute stud though.
by Sgo hills July 21, 2021
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