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The governor of california also known has The Terminator
or John Kruger or Adam Gibson or Mr. Freeze and my favorite, Turboman
All the governors should be jailed for sexual harrasment, Arnold Schwarznegger is not the exception
by George Bush's Pretzle August 13, 2006
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When you are pumping the i-ron and it feels so good you feel like your are cumming.
1. Arnold Schwarznegger says 'It's as satisfying to me as, uh, coming is, you know? As, ah, having sex with a woman and coming. And so can you believe how much I am in heaven? I am like, uh, getting the feeling of coming in a gym, I'm getting the feeling of coming at home, I'm getting the feeling of coming backstage when I pump up, when I pose in front of 5,000 people, I get the same feeling, so I am coming day and night. I mean, it's terrific. Right? So you know, I am in heaven.'

2. I had an Arnold Schwarznegger for a few minutes during my workout.
by Dinggus April 10, 2006
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when engaging in doggystyle sex with your chick and she starts to sound loud and confusing (like arnold), u punch her in the back of the head and yell SHUT UP! the way that Arnold does in kindergarten cop..
My girlfriend was so loud during sex last night that I had to give her an Arnold Schwarznegger to shut her up..
by Hot dog Bunning May 03, 2005
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The best actor in the entire universe!!! Has huge muscles, an awesome accent, and a last name that is ridiculously hard to spell.
by Jess July 06, 2005
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When having sex with your partner and they start talking to you in a way in which u can't understand...
when I was with my girl last night, I was banging her so hard I couldn't understand a word she was saying..
by Hot dog Bunning April 27, 2005
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Govener of California, a huge steroid user, said he dreamed about ruling the world in a dictatorship like fashion
Arnold Schwarznegger and Barry Bonds are the biggest sterioid users in the world.
by Bronx Bomber July 21, 2005
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