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The best B-Movie ever, Stuff explodes, people die, some more stuff explodes and some more people die. Pure Entertainment for real men
"Yeah I said the words, well, no not exactly..."
by whoop dee doo December 13, 2003
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An evil force brought to life by the dark powers of the Necronomicon. It is comprised of an army of skeletons, and the leader (Bad Ash). They are eventually stopped by Ash, a worker of S-Mart (Housewares division).
Top notch B-movie, one everybody must see.
See also Bruce Campbell for more info.
"D00d, joo got teh ARMEE UV DARKNSS special edition! Pwn!"
by DJ Chronos November 16, 2003
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One of the greatest and most well-known cult classics of all time. Sequel to the first two Evil Dead movies. Directed by Sam Raimi (Spider-Man, Darkman, The Gift) and starring Bruce Campbell as one of the most badass heroes in cinema history, Ash. Ash is famous for the chainsaw on his right arm, his "boomstick" (a double-barreled, sawed-off Remington shotgun), and his lexicon of catch phrases. The movie is about Ash being sucked into a time portal and landing in the Middle Ages, where he spends his time kicking zombie ass and trying to retrieve the Necronomicon, the Sumerian book of the dead, so he can get home.
Lines from the movie:

"Hail to the King, baby."
"Gimme some sugar."
"Name's Ash. (cocks gun) Housewares."
"Come get some."

Did I mention that Army Of Darkness kicks ass?
by Paul Wooten August 04, 2006
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The Act of railing your girl from behind and on the signal of the Howard Dean scream a dozen black guys bust out of your closet and run the train on the unsuspecting girl
Matt: i think courtney is going to break up with me.
Steve: oh ya whys that?
Matt: I did the Army of Darkness and she has spoken to me in days.
by Stephen Thomas and Nick Stram January 28, 2008
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serious sam in a movie is basically what it is though it was made at around 92 and serious sam was made in 99 i think. still though, this movie is fuckin hilarious and has great catch phrases.


yo, shebitch... lets go...
by Gunboy May 18, 2004
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