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Armijo’s are a really beautiful Mexican family they can be loud sometimes. They are wonderful at cooking.
Omg look there’s a Armijo she/he is so beautiful/handsome
by Armijo family October 16, 2019
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People who are Mexican and have little to no penis or tits. They are very angry and ready to kill Anyone at any time. They aren't the smarty but they are scary as shit watch out for Armijos
Fuck it's an Armijo, let's leave.
by CaitlynBlondeBitch August 28, 2016
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Armijo's are hard workers who are also very athletic. They tend to stick to themselves except for a few close friends which they treat like family. Armijo's are loyal to the end.
My friend is a real armijo they got my back.
by rambobo October 03, 2019
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