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The best guy to have as a brother. Never thinks before he speaks but is hilarious. His personality definitely lightens up the room
Arlo is a happy person
by SamSissorHero July 09, 2018
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The most amazing character that ever walked the face of this earth. Can be somewhat shy and socially unappreciated, as portrayed by the young boy with Autism in the hit comedy The Middle. However Arlo's are magical creatures sent to bring golden flakes of happiness to all who pass before them. Arlo's are special. So special they should have their own brand of gum.
Look over there, does that guy have a halo?
No, thats just a magical Arlo.
by Teeeeeeeeegs February 11, 2013
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These bitches are amazing and we need more people like Arlo's.
A: You seem like an Arlo.
B: Why's that?
A: Its because you're amazing in every way!
by JayCNth April 10, 2019
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the coolest person ever he has green hair and is soo smart that he can solve any question in the blink of an eye
wow look at the arlo over there he is soo smart
by the_sameiest_man_ever June 19, 2017
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