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Slang for Arkansan which is the proper adjective to describe a person born in Arkansas.
My husband is an Arky because he was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. I am not an Arky because I was born in another State.
by pearweed January 29, 2008
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A bold and braves prince. He is sexy af and I you know an Arky in life you are lucky. He is the kind of person people go to school for.
Wow he has got to be an arky!

He is (swag), must be an arky
by Badass boy June 05, 2017
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An old Chinese insult, most commonly pronounced (ahk-ee). Was used as far back as 500 B.C. to make fun of the man in the village with the smallest penis.

Arky's tend to have extremely tiny penis', if you call that pint-sized pool stick in your Levi's a penis.

Scientist's have been trying to explain why simply calling somebody arky shrinks the phallus by several inches. To date the best explanation to this phenomenon involves ancient Asian vodoo, ginseng, and the Curse of Confucius.
That arky was the size of an infant's pinky.
by lolrofl01234 February 06, 2010
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