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An Ariyah is the nicest girl when she wants to be, she can be a bitch sometimes, but if you're friends with an Ariyah she will be the most loyal, she will NEVER switch up. If you make an Ariyah mad, you will regret every second of it. An Ariyah is the most beautiful girl you've ever seen. Has great style in clothing and has lots of friends and can make you laugh!
Guy 1: Is that girl new? I've never seen her
Guy 2: Yeah man, that's Ariyah, sexy isn't she?
Guy 1: Hell yeah!
by irrelevant cara January 24, 2018
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A very genuine person. A very sweet girl who'll always be there for you. Falls for guys very easily, but falls out just as fast. She loves to have a great time with anyone!! Very good at making new friends, shes a great kisser too.
by minewarp October 19, 2011
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Ariyah is one of the funniest and or goofiest people you could ever meet usually a female ariyah is very attractive but doesn’t notice! Really smart and a know it all she’s very sarcastic and has a very sexual mind she’s extremely lovable and very loyal she’s honestly a little crazy don’t piss her off because she’ll most likely kill you! She’s usually a light skinned shorter female around 5’3-5’6 on the thicker side and has a large range of people that claims her as her friend but she only claims a few that she trust. loyalty is a big factor that comes with both friendship and relationships if you break it than good luck fixing it because ariyah is both stubborn and sensitive though she appears tough on the outside her inner self of esteem break with every little tap. But you’ll never know because she appears confident and strong!!
Ariyah is beautiful I wish I could be her!
by Hashtagg June 05, 2018
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A beautiful, Sweet, Genuine Girl. She brings around great energy and will light up your day, she’s a great healer towards her friends and family and is very silly and loving.
I wanna marry that girl.”

“Damn...she’s so sweet, she’s such an Ariyah!”
by BEjebwiqan^^33 April 23, 2018
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