Songs or lamentations for the dead.
After the funeral we all sang elegies for our dear, departed friend.
by Sylvia St Croix July 28, 2006
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noun, countable
used in Japanese BBSs to refer to a sad message which will be deleted by the poster to conceal his own jibaku; named after a JET from Tennessee, USA
Dai: Jibaku? Are you deleting all of your messages again? Yes or No?!
David: It's strange that the keyboard automatically and repeatedly types characters, "paranoia nutter looney."
Dai: Give your answer to the simple question.
David: The OS displays a Delete button and not Yes and No buttons in any dialogbox. Why does the mouse click on a Delete button automatically?
Dai: ... Tennessee Elegy. Dance a waltz!
by Amamo-chan January 1, 2006
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