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Ariell is a one of A klind person. They are the chill lowkey idgaf if people. She often goes out of her way to make others happy. She normal make people laugh and smile. shes a fun person to be arounnd. she has a bit of a freak shes nice to all but.never afraid to speak her mind. shes insecure alot of the times just from bad past. but she normally gets attached they also are very sexy lowkey and very kepttok.. She also happens to be very emotional and forgiving. shes not an easy girl to

get either so donT mess up shes the look at and go tf but regardless of what happens shes there for you. Ariells are never fighters but will be bullied by no one. They.also happen to be the most loyal people and let people screw them over. overall ariells are different and totally unique.
Ariell is just mann
by definitonxqueen June 15, 2014
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