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The best person you can ever meet. She easily gets bored but is one of the most laughable peeoplw on earth. She is weird however has most of the boys after her. She is really smart and has every boy falling for her. Also, one of the most popular girls but if u get in her nerves she will get really pissed off. She hates when people ignore her.
Boy 1: β€œWhose that”

Boy 2:”That’s my dream girlfriend β€œ
Boy 1: β€œ But she is taken”

Boy 2 + Boy 1: 😭
Arianni is my dream girlfriend.
by Itz.meeee May 26, 2018
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(noun) fun loving and unique girl, knowledgeable and understanding. great person to talk to; will always put a smile on your face.
"So glad I found an Arianni! God must love me."
by senatormaltida May 14, 2013
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