a girl who is a straight savage. she is fearless and really nice , although most times she can be the biggest bitch ever. she is more likely to date a guy with his first name starting with M. all her relationships are goals and she is a very very beautiful person often gets hit on a lot by the cutest people in school
woahhh look at Arianna isn't she fleek
by ariannaisjustahottieguys December 16, 2015
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An amazing girl who will stand up for anyone and isn't easily offended by anything. Notice it has two n's and is pronounced like "AR" (Like a pirate.) not air. Arianna is the kind of person that you will have endless inside jokes with
I gotta get me an Arianna
by Sliced Yams August 12, 2016
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Sexiness; Pretty ; Kind And Giving ; Baddest Chick You Will Ever Meet . Thee Best . Trust And Believe .
Who ? Arianna , Oh Yeah She The Baddest Of The Land .
by Miles.Arianna August 03, 2011
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The most incredibly sexy, beautiful, deserving person ever. She cares about everyone and needs more people to turn to. Her friends often leave her but she always cares. She has a quick temper, but she's TOTALLY awesome. She makes a great pair with Victors <3
person 1: "Arianna won't stop talking about Victor!!!!"
Person 2:"But she is still hot"
by Girlyyyyyyyyyyyyy January 27, 2013
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A freaking epic girl who deserves more than she has. is really pretty and exotic looking. lives life to the max. and is the best friend someone could ask for. she doesnt take shit from anyone and can stand up for herself and the ones she cares for.
Arianna makes falling off a skateboard epic.
by KelMoc911 April 01, 2010
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A girl who has faced a lot in life. She is stronger than anyone can imagine. She's been there and done that. A girl who cares for everyone else but has no one to care for her.
Man that Arianna is AMAYZING .
by Deeyah November 10, 2008
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