Arelle is a beautiful, young, girl with a huge amount of creativity. She has tons of friends and is trustworthy, and fun.
Arelle is soooooo pretty!
by emojisrlife May 9, 2015
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When a person reads a message but doesn't reply.
Person 1: "Hey wanna go to a movie tonight?"

Person 2: *2 blue ✓ but no reply*
Person 1: "Man you gotta stop pulling an Arel every time we want to go out"
by Amitb01 December 21, 2019
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Arel can be good friend but he baits his friends in csgo when they play dust 2 and they are ct in A site, watching long
"again Arel, u bait me again? fuck you"
by CosEmecArs June 15, 2022
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Everyone wants to be like them. A cool epic dope person
" Arell is so hot I don't know if I wanna be her or be with her. "
by Arell, LOL November 21, 2021
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