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A girl that is kinda shy but not so much when you get to know her. She is beautiful but doesn’t know it. She has really good friends and loves them so much. She can get any guy she wants. She’s smart funny and loveable.
Aralyn is such a good friend, also so pretty
by Ihdk:) July 29, 2018
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1. Weed of low caliber.
2. A friend/lover of weed or jeef.
I can't get high on this Aralyn.

That chick loves jeef! She's Aralyn.
by Jeef's Queen January 08, 2015
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Aralyn is the kind of person who's shy when you first get to know her, but as she warms up to you, shes more playful and you'll love being around her. She is absolutely gorgeous, but she will deny it, shes so fun and funny and her laugh is adorable. She loves dark humor and she can bring a smile to anyone's face no matter how hard they try to resist. Her eyes shine brighter than any star and her smile will lights up any room. She attracts lots of people and people love talking to her. She's a passionate lover and she can get jealous kind of easily, and it's almost impossible to stay mad at her.
" Hey what's that gorgeous girl's name"

"Oh that's Aralyn"

"No wonder, shes amazing".
by Lmaochicken June 05, 2019
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