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the act of taking a poo while your body is submersed in a body of water (pool,lake, ocean)
Dan's aquapoo floated to the surface as they swam
by THE JEFFERSONS December 03, 2008
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The greatest water in the world found at your local supermarket. This drink is not to get confused with regular water.

It was founded my Mr. Zephyrhills in 1917 and emerged in 2006. Mr. Zephyrhills went with some of his faithful explorers to Machu Pichu. They were exploring an elderly, abandoned village when they stumbled into a cave. Inside this desolate cave, the 3 explorers were surprised to find a vast and outstretching fountain. Mr. Zephyrhills claimed this for himself and named it the Fountain Of Youth. Later, he brought a factory and destroyed the village the Fountain was located under. This became a major hotspot for outstanding success among the leaders of the world. After Mr. Zephyrhills passed away, the World Leaders agreed to move the factory to a more populated area. This center is now located in California, USA. The workers brought the Fountain Of Youth to the new Headquarters in the US. They discovered when you drink the water, you feel happier, therefore this became a magical drink. Many wanted to share this great water with other people. So they distribute it in bottles shaped like pods and is known as Aquapoo aka Mystical Water. Many do not yet believe in the powers this drink holds for them. But soon, many will realize the great potential this drink holds for them.
Kevin: Yo I'm thristy, want to drink water?
Dan: No!(Whips out Aquapoo)Why not drink this instead?
Kevin: What is it? It says Aquapod.
Dan: No, it is Aquapoo, try some.
Kevin: (drinks Aquapoo and his face lights up)
Dan: Now you will have the best day ever!

(Later in the day, Kevin finds $20 on the floor, has sex with an attractive girl, and is no longer made fun of because he is fat)

Kevin: Wow! This stuff is great! You, Shelby, try some!
Shelby: Okay (drinks it)
Shelby: I don't taste a difference...
Kevin: One day you will believe in the great power it has.
Shelby: (pours water onto Kevin's head)

Kevin & Dan: Try some, Ilana!
Ilana: Okay (drinks it)
Kevin & Dan: Well?
Ilana: I think I feel it?
Kevin & Dan: Soon you will be able to taste the difference!
by Dan & Kevin August 06, 2006
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