Man gets the gyaldem nearly every day fucking dem bitches on and off
They call me aqeel cause I get bare bitches
by Jay swingler December 14, 2016
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A weird but Wise person is he was anger problems.Cant take anything serious has lots ppl in his life and is very trust worthy.
by lilxero January 29, 2018
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A verry nice and understanding person who likes to be around positive people Aqeel is the type of person who will always be there for his friends and won’t ever snake them out Aqeel is also a verry surprisingly strong person mentally and physically u can always count on him when you need him and he’s the most understanding person ever but don’t piss him off because he’s stubborn and will fuck you up still Aqeel is also a verry lenggg guy but he only has his eyes on one gyal 😁💯🤘🏾
Who’s a leng guy? Aqeel is acc lenggg
by Xfz_lynxs August 17, 2018
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He likes to win. He aslo like sucking big goat balls. Like to fuck himself cause he is a loner. His ass is always covered in chcolates. Girls love to lick his smelly ass. Tiny penis like his brain. Gives BJ to Grown men and Persian Cats. Loves to fart on Melted Cheese.
Dude how much do i have to pay to buy an aqeel
Aqeel gives 3 BJ at a time
via giphy
by Jsibjsjbbsj May 10, 2018
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