Yes, but to understand that, you have to think apurvic.
by Sed Kimique November 6, 2003
Apurv -the Sexiest,Smartest,Cutest,loving person.
Always gives his best and always take care of his nearest one.His future partner is too much lucky,1 in a Billions.,Possesivness minded
The Apurv shows the beauty of thaf girl
by A$iiiiii June 8, 2019
A sweet, caring and handsome guy who knows about probably everything. A grammarnazi. A musical instrument player. A perfect boyfriend material who loves deepika.
Girl 1- i hate this single life 🥲
Girl 2 - go find an apurv
by Deepdeeeep November 23, 2021
He's nice but stupid, dumb and is a jackass
He's such an Apurv
by bobbythesnowman July 14, 2016
A mediocre dude, caring attitude and loving personality and not rich. But can fuck up sometimes.
Why don't you behave like Apurv and not like a spoiled fucking brat!?
by DrKnowYourName September 20, 2019
One who was never before
He has achieved apurv success in his occupational field.
by Logical Indian November 24, 2021