Apurv -the Sexiest,Smartest,Cutest,loving person.
Always gives his best and always take care of his nearest one.His future partner is too much lucky,1 in a Billions.,Possesivness minded
The Apurv shows the beauty of thaf girl
by A$iiiiii June 8, 2019
A sweet, caring and handsome guy who knows about probably everything. A grammarnazi. A musical instrument player. A perfect boyfriend material who loves deepika.
Girl 1- i hate this single life 🥲
Girl 2 - go find an apurv
by Deepdeeeep November 23, 2021
He's nice but stupid, dumb and is a jackass
He's such an Apurv
by bobbythesnowman July 14, 2016
A mediocre dude, caring attitude and loving personality and not rich. But can fuck up sometimes.
Why don't you behave like Apurv and not like a spoiled fucking brat!?
by DrKnowYourName September 20, 2019
Yes, but to understand that, you have to think apurvic.
by Sed Kimique November 6, 2003
One who was never before
He has achieved apurv success in his occupational field.
by Logical Indian November 24, 2021