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When one will purchase any and all Apple products regardless of price or need, as long as it as the newest product to date.

In extreme cases a sufferer can be presented 2 identical iphoneS's, one labeled iphoneS and the other the new
iphone 5. They will then delude themselves into thinking that the one labled iphone 5 is superior.
"I heard that the new I phone 5 is coming out soon, better start saving up!"-sufferer "what do you know about it?"- friend of sufferer "I don't know anything yet, I just want it"- sufferer
"you got apple syndrome dog!"-friend
by Nemesis258 September 14, 2012
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is a condition in which a person bases their personal image, diet, electronic devices, clothing, and other aspects of their lives on the misconceived deductive “theory” of a meme.
People who suffer from Apple Syndrome show symptoms of :

Wear Rasta colors but know nothing about Haile Selassie (Rastafari).

Buy Apple products because they don't want to understand how real computers work.

Talk about organic food being better for you but don't have any facts to back up how it's good for you, who grew it, or how it was grown.

Christians who can't tell you anything past the ten commandments and John 3:16.

Don't wear Che shirts sarcastically.

See Also Hipsters.
by Grey Polar Bear September 03, 2013
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