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When one will purchase any and all Apple products regardless of price or need, as long as it as the newest product to date.

In extreme cases a sufferer can be presented 2 identical iphoneS's, one labeled iphoneS and the other the new
iphone 5. They will then delude themselves into thinking that the one labled iphone 5 is superior.
"I heard that the new I phone 5 is coming out soon, better start saving up!"-sufferer "what do you know about it?"- friend of sufferer "I don't know anything yet, I just want it"- sufferer
"you got apple syndrome dog!"-friend
by Nemesis258 September 14, 2012
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When one is so constipated that their bowels have the feeling of being used to Cast iron.
"man i have been Casting Iron for two days now"
"doc, i need something to smelt this Cast Iron" (asking for prescription laxatives)
by Nemesis258 September 14, 2012
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