A product made for superficial people who only buy it for the logo instead of the actual function of the product. You could slap an Apple logo on a piece of turd and people would rush to the stores to buy it. The only good thing about Apple products is their AppleCare warranty, other than that you're basically investing into an overpriced closed ecosystem of products that really do not perform any better than all its Android/Windows/other counterparts.
Apple users: *makes fun of people for being too broke to buy Apple products*

Also Apple users: *buys a piece of aluminum for $999*

Me: lol
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Something I get shamed at school for not having. I'm sure some of you guys that have Samsung and Motorola's get this treatment too.
Apple user: ew she has a Samsung her pictures probably look like they came from the 80's
Me: I don't like to take pictures and Apple products are to expensive for me
by Idk wat to put here May 28, 2022
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Apple products are poor in quality.

In more "Apple-user Friendly" words: They do not last long & are a waste of money that you could be using on more efficient products that will NOT piss you off repeatedly in a matter of seconds because of their horrible manufacturing & overall package.
Only idiots buy Apple Products because once they break or prove their inadequacy, the idiots go back to the store to waste another wad of cash on even more unsuitable technology.
by Windows & Linux User September 4, 2008
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Overpriced shits that treats you like a terrible person. Every update, they didn’t even change anything. Worst of all, the battery probably end faster than the relationship between you and anyone else. But hey, at least the OS isn’t that bad isn’t it?

Yeah ask the memes.
P1: “Omg you heard that guy’s getting an Apple (product)?”
P2: “That thing is BS LOL”
by lightblueToast June 28, 2020
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