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An apple dumpling is performed for neither pain nor pleasure, but rather a sexual conquest that few have mastered. One must plan to perform the apple dumpling in advance in order to obtain enough nut butter for the ease of entry. The act of performing an apple dumpling involves introducing either , BUT ONLY ONE, testicle into an eager and accepting butt hole. If the proper prep is involved, it should "pop" right in. The final, some would say most important, step to ask your partner to produce enough pressure in the anal canal so that the testicle will shoot out.
Connor, a fertile sexual savant at the ripe age of 19, describes his first experience with the apple dumpling as, "Man, just the feeling of my testicle in a warm, tight, shitty, butt hole and then to suddenly have an angel shoot my ball back into reality was the last thing I expected when going to chat with Professor Ms. Kathy about my English 101 paper"
by BathroomPubicBandit May 15, 2016
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