when a youtuber makes a video (typically 40 mins long and titled something dramatic such as “owning up”) and proceeds to fake cry and say they have changed even though it is evident that they have not
friend 1: dude ! have you watched Jeffree Star’s apology videos?
friend 2: which one??

friend 1: the one where he apologizes for racism

friend 2: oh, didn’t he make one about that last year?
by sophs July 21, 2020
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When someone makes a cringey or out of pocket post, usually on the social media platform known as “Tiktok”.
“That tiktok was so fucking cringey. Apology video?”
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David Dobrik apology videos are videos nobody cares about >:(
He's making me watch David Dobrik apology videos! You guys, no one cares about Youtube apology videos especially David Dobrik's! - Edward Centeno
by lxuren May 19, 2021
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