Lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal; indifference
apathy is like a chicken with no fucking legs trying to walk across a goddamn field- mr mccarty
by Khaine September 20, 2005
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a different rapper chicken macker trick attracter, old school mother fuckers be like, "listen to that whipper snapper" - apathy
by crown of hops September 08, 2007
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1. Not caring about what is happening in your surroundings.

2. The word every fuckball goth uses in every other sentance without knowing what it means.
I am now a goth, and therefore I will use the word "Apathy" A whole lot. Apathy.
by E-Van August 25, 2004
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A sterility caused by life's proverbial kicks in the groin.
Q: (Insert any question here)
A: Who cares?!
by Svengali March 18, 2005
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The word being used by every badass out there, despite the fact that they are ignorant to its meaning..
Which is worse, ignorance or apathy?
I dont know, and i dont care
by TheTallWolfGeek January 29, 2009
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