Wisdom worth adhering to; words to live by.

"Any hole is the goal" is not a sentiment to be taken lightly . You must truly believe that, in fact, any hole is the goal - no matter how large or small, how deep or shallow. You must have full faith in that whatever the hole may be, it is considered your desired end result, or goal.

This can apply to many situations one may encounter in his or her life journey, including but not limited to anything from a game of golf, to endeavors under the sheets. Using this phrase signifies that the speaker does not discriminate which hole they prefer.

Also used as an excalamation when one is about to accomplish something courageous that involves a hole, similar to the popular interjection, "Geronimo!".

Disclaimer: Please remember that partaking in this lifestyle could be potentially dangerous; but never lose faith.

Always remember, in any event, to enter and exit holes with caution and confidence.
Jasmine: "That hole is not the goal"

Aidan: "Nonono but any hole is the goal!"

*Jumps into a hole*
by Toblerones April 13, 2021
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1.Something a guy might say when he is desperate. It means that he would be happy to fuck,
A. Any of a girls holes (mouth, vagina, anus, stoma-as referenced in some memes) even if he can't get the hole he wants.
B. Any girl even if she's ugly, or sometimes a guy.
2. A guy is so horny that he would fuck anything with a hole for sexual pleasure.
1A. Guy#1- "My girlfriend will only do oral because she wants to stay a virgin"
Guy#2- "Hey man, any hole is a goal"
1B. Guy#1- "Would you tap that old lady over there"
Guy#2- "Sure, any hole is a goal"

RuPaul's Drag Race-Season 10-Snatch Game
RuPaul- "So close but not a match I'm afraid"
Aquaria as Melania Trump- "Aw, any hole is a goal"
RuPaul- "What did you say!"
Aquaria as Melania Trump- "Any hole, is a goal"-*winks and points to RuPaul*
RuPaul- "Oh" *laughs*
Aquaria as Melania Trump- "My mother used to tell me that when I was little"
*Everyone laughs*
by RPDR definitions July 1, 2018
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a definition used when you or a friend wants to hook up with a girl
you "hey mate that chick over there keeps checking you out ,"

friend " nah shes not even that attractive"
you " just remember any hole is a goal"

you to self "shes not even hot", "ohh well any hole is a goal"
by landerson4 November 22, 2016
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saying used by camp/gay/bisexual people
"Phil: hey Steve, did you give Andrew anal?"
"Steve: any holes a goal"
by Mark_Mark December 17, 2007
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