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a definition used when you or a friend wants to hook up with a girl
you "hey mate that chick over there keeps checking you out ,"

friend " nah shes not even that attractive"
you " just remember any hole is a goal"

you to self "shes not even hot", "ohh well any hole is a goal"
by landerson4 November 21, 2016
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1.Something a guy might say when he is desperate. It means that he would be happy to fuck,
A. Any of a girls holes (mouth, vagina, anus, stoma-as referenced in some memes) even if he can't get the hole he wants.
B. Any girl even if she's ugly, or sometimes a guy.
2. A guy is so horny that he would fuck anything with a hole for sexual pleasure.
1A. Guy#1- "My girlfriend will only do oral because she wants to stay a virgin"
Guy#2- "Hey man, any hole is a goal"
1B. Guy#1- "Would you tap that old lady over there"
Guy#2- "Sure, any hole is a goal"

RuPaul's Drag Race-Season 10-Snatch Game
RuPaul- "So close but not a match I'm afraid"
Aquaria as Melania Trump- "Aw, any hole is a goal"
RuPaul- "What did you say!"
Aquaria as Melania Trump- "Any hole, is a goal"-*winks and points to RuPaul*
RuPaul- "Oh" *laughs*
Aquaria as Melania Trump- "My mother used to tell me that when I was little"
*Everyone laughs*
by RPDR definitions June 30, 2018
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