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When your doing anal with your girlfriend and you pull your "log" out and you've got shit all over it.
Girl: I'm gonna give my boyfriend ants on a log later tonight.
by Tony GuizzettiKingTG December 13, 2017
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A snack loved by some people which is made by putting peanut butter on celery and putting raisins or dried cranberries on the peanut butter
Boy: Nothing good to have for snack. probably I'll go into the refrigerator and have some ants on a log.
by Nikko May 01, 2005
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As a special "treat" for your significant other. You smother your penis with peanut butter, then place a few raisins on key sensitive areas to be nibbled off. Dogs also love this treat.
Honey, to curb your appetite, enjoy this delicious "ants on a log"
by James, Dean & Joel August 09, 2006
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Means something is chopped, stems fom man it's chopped like celerey, ants on a log homie. Ants on a log refers to a snack in which pieces of celery are cut into pieces and served with peanut butter and raisins on top. The celery symbolizing a log and the raisins ants. This use of the term however signifies that something is no longer going to be paid attention to, is over, is lost, essentially is chopped.
Yo are you still going to Germany for study abroad? Ants on a log dawg the financial aid didn't fall through.
by Omdepot February 17, 2010
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1. A tasty snack composed of: celery, peanut butter and raisins.
2. When a man shit's on his partner's chest then delicately nuts on the "log" to form albino ants crawling/ dripping on the "log."

After eating ants on a log, Bobby made ants on a log on his girlfriend.
by smcdon April 12, 2007
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The best sexual position ever. The female lays on her back while three guys mount her. One guy sits on her and has sex with her vag, while one sits up and titty fucks her, and the last guy sits up and fucks her mouth.
"hey, what'd you do last night after you left the party?"

"Me, Jared, and Taylor, gave Sara the best ants on a log known to man-kind!"
by taybaby da prince August 17, 2008
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For a male to cover his penis in peanut butter, then proceed to stick his penis in a ant hill. Covered with ants and peanut butter, he lets his dog lick it all off.
"Did you see Johnny last night?"
"No, but I heard he had ants on a log."
by HVACsquad February 23, 2015
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