Antipodes are the direct opposite of Eachother
Like Canberra and The Azores (Or Nicknames for aussies and New Zealanders)
Bob: Those are some Sick Antipodeans.
Steve Irwin: Wot.
by Walmart Tech support June 8, 2018
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A combo technique attack spell from the video game Chrono Trigger developed by Squaresoft(now Square-Enix) utilizing Lucca's Fire magic and Marle's Ice magic. The spell has three variations (Antipode, Antipode 2, and Antipode 3) Antipode 3 being the strongest.
Lucca and Marle just cast Antipode!
by samuisamu December 2, 2008
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When he tickles your clitoris, he is doing some heavy antipodal exploration.
Matt got me to climax last night with some heavy antipodal exploration.
by Angel of the Morning January 31, 2020
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