A scam used by anti-white bigots and racists to try to destroy white people which their commie scum asses hate.
Anti-Racism should be called closet-white-loathing and closet-white-undermining.
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The barely veiled racist belief that you can only solve past discrimination with present discrimination, and you can only solve present discrimination with future discrimination
"It is not enough to not be racist. You must actively be anti-racism"-- Ibram X. Kendi
by Eushshtb April 29, 2021
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The advanced stage of unmanaged anti-racism in which the activists of previously oppressed groups, being no longer finding anything that really oppresses these groups, begins fabricating and creating fake oppression to continue the need for their own existence. Often to the determination of the groups who previously held power and members of said previously oppressed group who are against the fake outrage.

Features: Unjust firings, discrimination in the work place, creating ineffective social services, restricting the sale of "offensive" cultural & national heritage, riots, invasion of people's personal lives, and punishment (and ultimately enslavement) of the unbelievablers.
A: Did you hear that Alexanderia is burning down the court to build her new fortified megamansion?

B: what, she's using to outrage to further her self interests?

A: Yes, another example of why late anti-racism is a horrible ideology live under.

A: Did you know that Karl Marx statues are getting taken down because he was a racist?

B: Haha, late anti-racism strikes again!
by Ndrewreen109 July 28, 2020
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The word for the enivitable counterculture that all this #BlackLivesMatter stuff will spread due to it being everywhere, that will only serve to better spread racism. Sometimes its best to forgive and forget.
Paul: Ugh, you know all this #BlackLivesMatter stuff that is everywhere will only lead to more racism.

Jake: You talking about Anti-Racism Counterculture?
by IndependentTruths June 6, 2020
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Why Racism is NOT Hate


If a man shoots at you, you have the right to shoot back at him. If you are threatened or attacked, you have the right to defend yourself. No one will accuse you of hate if you defend yourself, because self-defense is not hate!

According to Webster, "Hate" is an intense hostility and aversion. It’s a feeling that is carried around with you, where you despise something, either for a justifiable reason or not.

Of course the way the leftist uses words, the thoughts are never complete.
They leave phrases hanging so the listener will fill in some implied meaning that is false, harmful, or both.
When the leftist uses the term "hate" the dangling undefined term, is used to imply the insane, unjustified sort of hatred that has no reason to exist.
The "hater" is one who is stupid, irrational and in need of incarceration.

So, using the leftist term of "hate," it is impossible to apply that meaning to a man who is attacked and is merely defending himself.

It is not insane, unjustifiable hatred, that has no reason to exist.

Beyond the realm of what is merely considered normal, self-defense is a legal defense for killing someone. If you kill a man in self-defense, you will be exonerated from any wrong doing. This is your right! You can legally do whatever it takes to defend yourself from harm, up to and including killing your assailant. Self-defense is a powerful right we all have.

A people without racism will die! They will not defend their borders and they will not defend or properly train their children. They will cease to exist. It follows then that promotion of diversity and anti-racism is a lethal attack upon their race. How can anyone not see that trying to exterminate a race from the face of the earth is true hatred of that race.

The person who tries to sell you the lie that there are no differences between the races is not your friend, and is not concerned with the survival of the White race at all. Instead, we must always keep in mind that those who are trying to sell us the lie that racism is evil, sick or unnatural, are set on the destruction of White people. They hate them. At the same time they dishonestly call racism "hate," when it is actually the exact opposite!

In summary, it would be wise to remember that racism is NOT hate. Self-defense is not hate. Racism is racial self-defense -- the only proven mechanism to defend a race from extinction -- and therefore, it cannot be hate. In fact, racism is good, healthy, normal, and necessary, and consequently must be developed to a healthy level in our people, especially our children. Lastly, all of our energies, and our resources must be set against the true haters of the White race -- those who promote diversity and anti-racism.
The practice of denigrating the Race or Ethnicity of those who are a majority of the citizenship, a civilization or a Country!

Example: An African American who's Ethnic population is only 13.4% (2022) Referring to a 76.3% (2022) white majority member of the ethnic group in the United States as a Racist and uses words such as white supremacy, white supremacist, white rage, cracker, etc. and who teaches Critical Race Theory.
That is "Anti-Majority Racism" for calling me (white man/woman) a Racist!
I am not a white supremacist! That is "Anti-Majority Racism" for calling me that!
by Pinoy Grandpa June 16, 2022
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An idiotic form of discrimination, which targets those who identify as both black and female. A common practice of anti-black woman racism is to exclude black females from social and cultural activities, such as parties, clubs, reality television, lead movie roles and marriage. Stereotypes, such as the angry black woman and baby mama are used to spread anti-black woman racism to the masses.

Unlike regular racism anti-black woman racism is a form of racialized sexism, which is specifically targeted at black females of all ages and backgrounds.
Laromana, did you watch Lad Diecinueve's reality show last night, he sent five women home just because they were black women, that's some anti-black woman racism right there.
by Juneteenth88 January 8, 2011
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