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Fucktard. Thinks that korn has no talent. See fucktard.
That fucktard over there hates korn! He says they suck. Lets throw him in a garbage can.
by why do you care? June 26, 2003
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Someone who hates KoRn or nu-metal altogether, because they'd rather listen to emo and cut themselves.
I could listen to decent music like KoRn but I'm a little cunt - pop in that Dashboard CD!
by Chernorizets Hrabr October 04, 2004
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Someone who hates the entire nu metal genre. Usually people who think like this are either

1. A Townie
and hate all music that is not 50 cent or Nelly.

2. Little kids
3 Very old
possibly born in the 1950s and can't appreciate that metal is changing just like everything else does over time.
Old man: You stupid kids listening to your nu metal. Why back in my day we had such good bands as The Yardbirds and Muddy waters

KoRn fan: Woah that crap died in the late 80s get with the program

Linkin park fan: What’s up with this guy? It's just music leave us alone.
by Metal Ed October 02, 2004
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People with good taste of music. People that don't dress up in all black and don't cut themselves to make their "pain" go away. People with a life, people that don't dress up as if they were going to a funeral.
Normal person 1:"Hey look at that group, are they going to a funeral?"
Normal person 2:"No, they wear that everyday, probably a bunch of stupid KoRn listening morons"
Normal person 1:"Well, I guess we sould become Anti Korn then."
by Wreks September 26, 2006
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