a furry hat is absolute crap. they say uwu and owo all the time and are not fun people to be near.
mom: honey, our sons a furry
dad: he is probably furry shit
by snaggingtexas66 October 20, 2019
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Furry speak of "I am about to go out with a gang of furries and fuck shit up"
Hey Joust! I am about to do some Furry Shit!
... Don't do it near my house.
by Just A Fuck Boy February 11, 2021
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Any Porn art or implied Porn art, porn fan ficus, etc.
Did you see that disgusting Dumbass furry shit someone posted in general?
Yeah, I heard someone doxxed them in 8.26271 seconds.
by A poggers pogger May 6, 2022
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Basically, any Porn art, Rule34 art, art that implies anything sexual, etc.
Did you see that Disgusting dumbass furry shit in general that someone posted?
Yeah, I doxxed them in 4.72 seconds of seeing that.
by A poggers pogger May 6, 2022
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