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A Group that was against Good and happy Otakus. Mainly to grab every American's Attention Those Souls are Evil because They were Parents were a part ofSicilian Mafia members and got caught Chakka Chakka Dangerously During Last years Halloween. They acted like Thugs Other Terms, A Communist

group of Gangsters that Believe that their Happy Anti-hero Leader who happens to be an Ex-German Female Soldier that Role-Plays with Innocent
People and Invite them into her into a Creepy Ice Cream Truck. Which had all the Houdini Sackamarijuana they can Smoke and enough HoneyBuns to last a whole Decade!

Little did they know a CD-R Appeared that Offered Free Twinkies, Free Chocolate Pudding and Melted the Brain and believed that Roleplaying is Happy PiggyStyle Song developed by KiddieScripts! All these Furries Know in life is: Hustle, Get Laid, Draw Furries, and Serve their Happy Dictator that is the Ex-German Soldier alongside with a new Pokémon that went insane! Recently, that Ex-German Piggy Lost her Chanel Purse in the middle of a Parking Lot where She was later sentenced to Mental Asylum She lied to everyone and Smacked her sister with a Can of Nutella that she

stole from Toy-mart HandelsgmbH. They went FreeLoading and Drove all across Oakland, CA until They were caught somewhere Downloading Bestiality Porn and Enjoying Cheesecakes off of Two Animals that they Roleplayed with too much and They all laughed and said "Now that's what we call a real Ice Cream basket!"
Protagonist: Holy shit! Did you steal my MiniVan?

Anthro Gangster: WTF, Are you Serious? How'd you Know

Protagonist: You Obviously Invaded California, For some reason My pet Budgie Stop Chirping and he died?

Anthro Gangster: Oh Shit..... man I don't give a Flying fuck

Protagonist: Was this group Reported as the Thug Life of Animals and her Ice Cream Truck?

Anthro Gangster: Oh My God, How'd you Know about this

Protagonist: You know it's funny you ask because I smelled something wierd inside my MiniVan and this Person Wrote "Ice Cream Truck" all over my Vehicle

Anthro Gangster: I didn't do it

Protagonist: Yeah, sure you didn't then How come Your Hands are filled with Animal Blood

Anthro Gangster: OH my did I do that?

Protagonist: You Sir, were a member of Anthro-Junkies

Anthro Gangster: WTH, Man How'd you know.......

Protagonist: Isn't it Obvious, You First off Stole my MiniVan, Then You Forced Doctors in CA to Develop some sort of
strange and fake Prescription Weed, And most of all why is my MiniVan Full of Twinkies, HoneyBuns, Trojan Condoms
and Pictures of Bronies on Fire?

Anthro Gangster: Oh snap, I swear to god I didn't do that!

Protagonist: Oh Yeah, Then How come Your Hands are filled with *smells* OH MY GOD, You Killed my Budgie You Monster... I'm gonna go call the Cops on you and Put you in Prison
by Arika Cho cho Butterface January 01, 2014
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