Anshul is an ABSOLUT beast. He will rip anything open with his bare breasts. He is almost always a Nazi and can eat two month old disgusting cupcakes and not even notice. An Anshul can tell a teacher that if he gives birth to a girl he will raise it as a boy and can call people retards and drop the n-bomb without worrying about the consequences. An Anshul will also bite anything that comes to close to him and throw his laptop at anyone who catches him watching his hentai porn. All the ladies LOVE Anshul and want him and his ginormous hentai collection. Anshul has endured severe trauma because his cousin tried to roofie him and have sexual relations with him
Boy1: Bro Tarun just ate a five month old cake and then ripped his shirt with his breasts, he must be an Anshul.
Boy2: We better stay away because no one messes with an Anshul
by Tusharqueerqueen February 12, 2019
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Noun. someone who interupts masturbation via gmail.

Verb. interrupting masturbation via gmail
Noun: god ur an anshul! u cock blocker!

Verb: Oh shit u anshuled me!!!
by uknowatitis January 20, 2008
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An Anshul is mostly lost, clueless, and has the personality of a stick thin stoner from the hills. The kind of douchebag that shouts out "420 blaze it!" right before he lights up a joint. Consistently spews out utter bullshit in the name of wisdom. Seeing an Anshul makes you want to ask any existent superior being the question "Why?"
Guy 1: *hits blunt* "420 blaze it! Just looking at the sky is inspiring my being right now."

Guy 2: "Shut the fuck up, stop being such an Anshul, and pass that shit."
by FuckYeahTwice February 25, 2017
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An awkward paperclip-storer that sings a mug of coffee into a painting of speaker systems.
Dude, you need to start using an Anshul.

Wow, ur so good, you might be an anshul soon!
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