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Highly Seductive
Causes Hallucinations
Very Difficult to Predict
(A gorgeous woman walks by and winks)
Wow, she must be an Annice
by Annice November 17, 2010
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A girl who knows a bunch of random facts about fish. Responsible mom-friend. If you work with her in a group project you will be forced to do something. Usually short. An annice can go from being a total dork to a responsible adult in two seconds. Everything has to be at an even number.
Shes turning into an annice, all she talks about are fish.

person 1: That girl is so dorky.
person 2: Oh her? yeah shes being a total annice.
by the ferroist April 19, 2017
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She’s a very ard and strange person. A little bitchy and sometimes a β€˜savage’
This girl is so irritating and thinks she’s cool.
She must be an annice
by Pchickento March 28, 2019
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