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morgan is a girl who just discovered urban dictionary and is now spamming it. She has a crazy sense of humor that ranges from straight out dad jokes to dry, sarcastic humor. She will come up with random inside jokes that no one will even know, and she will bring up jokes from three years ago that no one remembers. You cant be friends with her if you get easily offended, because she is constantly teasing you. She's constantly coming up with random words and ships. If you hang out with her once, it will feel like you've known her your whole life.
"Hello I like to eat mangoes but they're salty sometimes." - a morgan

"Stop shipping me with people! God your such a morgan."
by the ferroist April 19, 2017

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A girl who knows a bunch of random facts about fish. Responsible mom-friend. If you work with her in a group project you will be forced to do something. Usually short. An annice can go from being a total dork to a responsible adult in two seconds. Everything has to be at an even number.
Shes turning into an annice, all she talks about are fish.

person 1: That girl is so dorky.
person 2: Oh her? yeah shes being a total annice.
by the ferroist April 19, 2017

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