Boy, if you keep on a lying like that, you'll grow hairy palms and long blonde hair.
by K-CR March 28, 2005
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As Al Franken says...
"The reigning diva of the hysterical right. Or rather, the hysterical diva of the reigning right" In other words, the epitomy of all that I hate about the republican party
Everyone should read Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them
by yeah, it's me May 01, 2005
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Term given to one who displays outrageous and/or theatrical behavior or appearance simply to shock. Such figures manage to even sway a few (or many) believers as if there was something profound to the performance. Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson are two predecessors.
"Dude", I was just doin' an anne coulter. Get off your knees and quit prostrating before me!"
by Michelle Mybell March 28, 2005
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Ann Coulter is my mother, who ruined my life simply by giving birth to me. Because of her genetics, I look exactly like her. I cannot leave the house without a paper bag over my head, because the mere sight of my hideousness causes even the most sensible of people to instinctively throw rocks at me or run away in terror. Children burst into tears when they see me.
I was not married by the time I was fifteen, as I'm so repugnant, which caused my father to send me off to a convent. I was routinely rebuked for singing and being late to dinner. Then I died.
"Billy, you really shouldn't come play at my house. My mother has a habit of raping 12 year old boys."
by Naijeta March 27, 2005
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Correctly spelled "Ann Coulter" (though this name has been locked by the UD webmaster). She's a hilarious political pundit that apparently offends people. I don't see why, because she's hilarious and entertaining in a "mental patient" kind of way.

Whenever Coulter is on your TV, rest assured that you're in for a good laugh when she tries to "discuss" something.

I can't see how people can take her seriously, since she's more of a self-parody of a Republican pundit than an actual commentator. Even a high school debate club member could debunk her. Flameing her only gives her credibility.
NOTE: Anyone who actually defends (Ann)Anne Coulter is probably trolling.
Is Ann Coulter on? Awesome! I need a good laugh.
by Doc Mama March 15, 2005
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1. A stupid, anorexic, 24/7 menstruating and self righteous 'journalist' bitch.
2. The bane of all life.
3. The Anti-Christ.
4. Someone who puts little animals into meat grinders, microwaves, and generally tends to torture things smaller than her/himself.
5. A common synonym for the word 'bitch'.
Example 1
Timmy: "Sally told me that she's gunna light a puppy on fire"
Bobby: "Thats terrible! What an Anne Coulter!"

Example 2
Sam: "My mom told me i can't play WoW anymore because i got an A- on my project! What an Anne Coulter!"

Example 3
Timmy: "Holy Shit! Is that a hideous demon devouring the corpses of virgins while singing the Vietnamese national anthem who shall one day spawn an age of darkness and unlife?"
Timmy's Puppy: "Yes Timmy, thats called an Anne Coulter."
by divinechampion November 10, 2007
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