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A very lovable person. She is very fun to talk to and great to hangout with. You can never get bored with her. She loves to party. Always, knows how to have a good time. She is a gorgeous person inside and out. Everybody loves her. Guys go nuts when she walks in. She is a strong willed person. She hardly has any enemies. She cares for others, and is always there for their comfort. She is a very athletic person. She enjoys watching and playing sports. She takes on a role of a mother when it comes to kids. She is very smart. She's daring and cautious at the same time. Enjoys music more than others. She is a very honest woman, she speaks her mind.
Did you see that girl? She's such an Anisah!

{sexy} {smart} {loving} {sweet} {honest}
by Maddy Cooper February 13, 2013
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A very sweet and loveable person (normally a female). She or he may take on the role of a mother, and never gets in many debating arguements. She/he is a peaceful and a wonderful person to cry to for comfort. They have a very stronge will power, normally never trying to cry infront of others. They may exhibit a very stronge passion for art, espeically things that have to do with anatomical curves and undies. This type of person may also hold a dark and perverted side to them that no one can believe, seeing that they seem so innocent on the outside. He/she is a beautiful person on the inside and a great friend to many, possibly because of the fact of having such an open mind.
I love Alycea! She's such an anisah!
by Caleb Season November 10, 2010
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Anisah is a girl who looks shy but actually is brave.She is the type of girl who goes by the moto of ride or die.She doesn't really know what she wanted in her life and often confuse with her decision.She is also the type of girl who regrets her decision right after she made it.She is fun to hang out with and she is a generous person.She can be grumpy and is cute when she is mad.Generally,Anisah means storyteller in arabic.She is also a very smart person and can score a good grade even if she study last minute.Literally,Anisah is a girl which everyone wanted be friend with because she is easy to get bully.
me:Where is Anisah?
you:I dont know.Probably going to a stortytelling competition since her name means storyteller.
by xxmidnightvelxx January 08, 2018
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