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The act of playing the popular game Angry Birds while taking a shit. This phenomena occurs because this game is so addicting that it takes precedence over other activities and causes the person playing to play while doing other tasks, such as eating, shitting, or watching tv.
Bryan: Do you hear that? Sounds like birds coming from the bathroom.
Tom: Oh, it must be Alex playing angry turds again.
by Kingthedestroyer January 31, 2011
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When you poop so hard the turd bounces back and hits you in the ass.
Man that taco bell drive through gave me a case of angry turds. I think I bruised my butt!
by The Sikness October 11, 2013
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The act of playing Angry Birds while taking a dump. This can often result in bathroom brakes taking up to 30+ minutes each.
Joe: You were in there for at least 45 minutes! What took you so long?
Zack: Sorry, I was playing Angry Turds.
by LoZack February 11, 2011
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