A girl whose MySpace pictures are taken at weird angles (usually black and white) to hide her fatness and/or ugliness. This method is used to attract men just as the actual Anglerfish (Lophiiformes) uses bioluminescence to attract prey.
That girl on MySpace looked hot in her pictures but when I met her in person she had tusks. She's one hell of an Anglerfish. With looks like that she's probably a mudshark too.
by Roger Klotz November 26, 2007
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An anglerfish is a being in which uses angles or a (good side) in photographs to attract another being of the opposite sex.
by Findingnemo17 April 30, 2018
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Someone, generally an old (50+) unattractive male, who cruises around young people in their ultra expensive sports car in order to lure them in for a bite, just as the real angler fish entices fish with a tempting worm-like appendage.
"Wow, that guy is a total anglerfish. Look at him trying to impress those young girls with his Ferrari!"
by Sinistrad May 25, 2008
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The state of a friend who has passed from their current stage in life onto the next one, often resembling a state of death. In reference to the mating stage of anglerfish where the male fuses to the body of the female and ceases to be an individual. Similar to being pussywhipped but with no hope of return.

This occurs with young men who once they have begun a relationship, begins to disappear from general society. This process will continue until they are left as a squiggling decayed mass attached by the face to their mate's hindquarters while they troll the dark unlit depths together as a single unit.

Much like the male anglerfish after he attaches to a host, this friend will slowly begin to dissolve and become unrecognizable as the person you once knew.

Any fuzing is not totally permanent however, the subject may be allowed to have momentary glimpses of the life they formerly knew. While they may enjoy the brief periods of separation, they will always return to their space at their mate's rear quarter panel.

Beware: any permanent separation will be fatal: if the male angler fish is forcibly detached (such as a breakup) he will attempt to resurface, only to quickly realize that no one is there to pull him out of the water. Upon this realization, the former angler fish with thrash about as its body starts to join it's mind in death. These are it's death throes. But do not weep at the sight, for the angler fish died long ago.

TL;DR your friend is gone, find a new one.
Priest to congregation: Now we lay to rest our brother Tanner, he had a fondness for life and having fun with his friends. Alas he no longer with us, but he will live on in our memories.

Tanner: guys I'm right here, but I have to go see my girlfriend in 15 minutes.

Priest: The poor soul doesn't know it yet, but he's already gone. Anglerfished to his beloved girlfriend of 5 weeks. We pray for fair winds and following seas for our dearest Tanner.

Congregation: Godspeed and Open Waters.
by Drink With Us November 25, 2018
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A couple where the man is very thin and small, and the woman is larger and overweight.
Bob is 100 lbs soaking wet, but he always has girls over 200, must be an anglerfishes.
by mast3rbates August 10, 2017
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